luxury experiences  and treatments  focused on root causes of imbalances




FACIAL treatments

bespoke facial

A customized facial designed for your specific skin type which nourishes the skin naturally using high-quality organic plant-based products and essential oils.

50 mins.~ $75

intuitive facial

This is the Facial to book, when you have no idea what you need!

Includes deep oil-cleanse, exfoliation, acupressure/face massage, mask neck/shoulder/scalp massage and oils. After initial consultation, I will choose the best tools to use from kansa wand, gua sha, cupping, crystal work, sound healing and reflexology for your skin needs.

60 mins.~ $90

90 mins - $120

holistic facial

Includes a deep oil-cleanse, exfoliation, acupressure/face massage, botanical mask, neck, shoulder & scalp massage, hot towels infused with essential oils and combining all holistic modalities such as cupping, kansa wand and gua sha into one luxury facial for the ultimate skin rejuvenation.

90 mins.~ $120

Gua Sha -

This helps to reduce puffiness, stimulate blood and lymph flow, reduce muscle tension and detox congestion, giving you a clearer complexion with a hydrated and sculpted glow

Cupping -

Indulge in the unique experience of silicone cups to increase circulation, strengthen skin, stimulate collagen production, relax muscle tension, minimize fine lines & wrinkles, and decrease puffiness.

Ayurvedic Copper Wand - 

This special kansa-wand facial helps to remove toxins, heat, inflammation and acidity from the skin. Plus, it promotes healthy aging by lifting skin, reducing visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, increasing circulation, eliminating lymph stagnation. 

Holistic Techniques:
Soul Soother

Enjoy a back exfoliation to remove dry dead skin cells with removal of a hot lavender infused towel.A relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage with an aromatherapy blend to ease away tension and calm the mind. Followed by a nourishing face to give you a healthy, hydrated glowing complexion.

75 mins - $105


holding time & space for you to heal


REFLEXOLOGY treatments

foot reflexology

Reflexology is a natural therapeutic method based on the principle that there are reflexes in the body that relate to other parts, glands, and organs of the body. Through the application of pressure on these reflexes, reflexology can relieve stress, improve circulation and allow the body to heal & function naturally

50 mins.~ $65

face reflexology

Working at the superficial level to influence the nervous system and zones on the face to repair and prevent imbalances of every kind. You get a map to take home for 21 days of self treatment. This experience includes cleanse, tone and moisturise.

50 mins.~ $65


MASSAGE treatments

aromatherapy masssage

Using oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. Choose from one of our seven blends to enhance your relaxation massage.

*Please note I am not an RMT

30 mins - $50

60 mins. ~ $75
80 mins. ~ $95

relaxation massage

A light/medium/firm pressure massage designed to reduce stress and leave you feeling peaceful and revitalized. Please note this is not a deep tissue. Aroma massage uses the purest essential oils.

*Please note I am not an RMT

30 mins - $50

60 mins. ~ $75
80 mins. ~ $95

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NeoLifting© is manual face lifting, sculpting, modelling and buccal (intra-oral) massage.

This highly specialized treatment stimulates the lymphatic system, massages the face muscles externally and inside the mouth, calms the nervous system, increases blood and oxygen supply and increases collagen production. It also releases psycho-emotional blocks and muscle tension that can lead to deep wrinkles expression lines.

For best results a course of 6 is recommended, with sessions weekly. 

A course of 6 will consist of x1 90 minute session and x5 60 minute sessions. Buy a course and get last session free.

60 minutes - $105

90 minutes - $130

Course of 6 - $550